DroidG2, Gnutella 2 client for 


DroidG2 is a P2P client on android which employ Gnutella2 technology which like Shareaza, Limewire, emule which allow you to download music into your Android for free. After DroidG2 successfully connected to the Gnutella 2 network, you can simple download music at anytime, anywhere. Once download is finished, you can start listen to it on you device!!!

The core is a C++ implemented gnutella2 application called sharelin, which is known at the only existing workable good Gnutella2 client on Linux, if you have tried it on Linux, why not give DroidG2 a try on your android phone. It is a great app to lookup whatever popular files.

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DroidG, Gnutella client for 


Description: DroidG is an advanced Gnutella P2P searches similar to foxy or emule which allows you to download music into your Android for free!! One click into DroidG with an internet connection, then simply search the music you want and with an instant, you can download and listen to it on your device!!

Within a few seconds I was able to find tracks from one of my most-listened-to CDs by Volbeat. ‘Lee Mathews, Download Squad, url: http://downloadsquad.switched.com/2011/01/08/droidg-does-gnutella-p2p-searches-downloads-on-your-android-dev/ ,8/1/2011’

Too fully utilize the application please take a short moment reading the following instructions:

The start-up page of DroidG consists of three buttons and also the (home) button on your phone which shows you the directory the music is saved in. Connect allows you to look at the (server/ip address) you are currently connected to. Search will lead you to the music browsing page where your searches are then sorted automatically by relevance to your search. Please NOTE that by clicking on the home button beneath the search results can be further sorted by file type, estimated downloading speed, or number of sources. 

Download allows you to look at the music you are downloading. By tap and hold on any file in your queue a menu will pop up which lets users to pause and resume downloading, removing it from queue, or open the file when it finishes transferring. Certain files (etc) can also be previewed while downloading.  One of the greatest successes of DroidG is that it allows users to download multiple songs at the same time with the maximum downloading speed. So one click on the album you want, go make a cup of coffee, and you will come back with the whole album downloaded to your android!  

File types such as music, zip or picture are supported by this application. An enhanced version will be updated very soon in the future which would include features such as allowing users to change the downloading directory. 

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